How can we grow our individual and collective capacity as changemakers to co-create spaces of transformation in these times of complexity and disruption?

The Art of Participatory Leadership Training
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You’re invited to a three-day training in the Art of Participatory Leadership

Thursday, April 18 – Saturday, April 20, 2024 • Guelph, Ontario

The world we live in has shifted. 

The world we live in is no longer the same. Complexity and the pace of change has increased; the ways in which we used to work don’t feel fit for purpose anymore. The future we want – one of truly collaborative effort towards the greater good, and an awareness that the world needs each of us to engage more deeply – is not just incrementally different from today but rather, requires a fundamental shift in how we imagine and effect change… it is a radical transformation.

This makes the question of how we grow our capacity as changemakers vitally important.

What is the Art of Participatory Leadership?

Building the capacity to collaborate well with a diversity of others lies in being able to meet the moment in such a way that people stay together to create transformation.

The Art of Participatory Leadership is an open-source social technology that has been co-created over time. Much of the art and power of this approach comes not from any individual method but learning to blend and tailor a combination of methods.

In this way a practitioner serves the need and purpose of the unique context using an understanding of underlying patterns of process design.

What will you take away?

It’s time to discover new ideas and solutions for working generatively with complexity, conflict, and emergence. Together we will explore new perspectives, tools, and practical ways of engaging a diverse group of people.

The Art of Participatory Leadership focuses on action learning. That means we will not only explore the theory behind this innovative approach, but we’ll also step into hands-on practice.

Participants will be encouraged to step up and lead parts of training, coached by the Hosting Team, to gain practical, embodied experience. In this way, we aim to create a community of practice that can support itself long after the training.

Join a community of practice

With the amount of complexity and challenge out there, all of us need to up our ability to host brave and transformative spaces. We also need more “mates” – fellow practitioners working across a variety of disciplines, modalities, communities, cultures, and focuses.

The more we can support each other, the more resilience we’ll have to meet the challenges, and the more we can in turn challenge each other both to be innovative and to stay the course. the more the changemakers can collaborate, the more we offer an example to the people we’re trying to support.

Participatory Methodologies

The Art of Participatory Leadership works with these participatory methodologies: World Café, Circle practice, Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry, Storytelling and more. Participants will both experience and learn to host these methods. You will also have the opportunity to learn about how Harvesting can help to make your meetings and events more tangible, productive and impactful.

The Action Learning focus of the Art of Participatory Leadership supports participants to extend and deepen their capacities in hosting groups that stay together to create wiser action. Even if you are an experienced facilitator, you will enhance and extend your group process work.

Art of Participatory Leadership Training


Guelph, Ontario








This training is for you if…

  • You have the sense that your meetings and interactions could have more impact
  • You long for ways to help people share what they really care about and take responsibility for it happening
  • You are ready to step into your passionate and edgy work holding the seed of a new idea
  • You are ready to bring new life to a project, initiative or vision to create new forms of living and are ready to collaborate and explore with others
  • You are a new and emerging leader who is asking HOW to move your visions forward to take your ideas into action based on the values you hold and the possibility you see
  • You have the heart of an activist, but you know there’s a better way than burning out by doing too much yourself
  • You are already hosting emerging movements, networks or systemic change initiatives and asking how to deepen them, make them sustainable, or scale them up

We’re inviting

  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Organisational intrapreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Decision-makers and teams
  • Managers within municipalities
  • NGO and development workers
  • Community leaders and program managers
  • Corporate innovators and consultants
  • Convenors of cross-sector dialogues
  • Young people who want to take an active role in their community
  • All those who want to see what they think really matters flourish

The Location – 10C Shared Space

10C Shared Space is the hub for community activators and changemakers in the City of Guelph.



  • Individual: $1400 + HST (Early-bird rate, goes up to $1450+HST on March 1)
  • Individuals from community groups, non-profit organizations and social enterprises: $1200 + HST (Early-bird rate, goes up to $1250 on March 1)
  • Individual 10C Members: $1150 + HST (Early-bird rate, goes up to $1200 on March 1)

We are committed to making this training as accessible as possible, with a focus on support for emerging leaders and equity-deserving participants.

Tuition Support

If you would like support with tuition, we invite you to share a brief proposal describing what you are able to pay and your interest in taking part. We ask you to consider paying what you can, keeping in mind that we have costs to cover to make the training feasible. Please do not consider this a guarantee. We are considering the overall finances of the training to see how much support we are able to offer. Decisions will be made and communicated by March 18th. Please contact us to discuss:

Early Bird Registration

Registrations received by March 1st will receive a $50 discount.

10C Member Discount

This $50 discount can be applied to either registration level, and can be combined with the Early Bird discount.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is possible by email before February 29 (registration will be refunded less a 15% admin charge). After February 29, tuition is non-refundable.

You can choose to transfer your registration to another person until April 1.

Your Hosts

Our international and Canadian hosting team brings decades of experience working with groups, communities, and organizations, training, coaching and living with the Art of Participatory Leadership practices.

We are ready to support you in your learning journey and share practical insights to help you immediately put what you’ve learned into practice.